Help Wanted: Catechists

Help Wanted

To share our faith is what we are all asked to do for each other. We are to pass on the beautiful story of our salvation that was won for us by our loving Lord, Jesus Christ. Our new catechists are meeting in-order to develop into a team that will present the story of our salvation with joy and love.

There is still a great need to have others come forward to aid the youth of our parish. Come see how you may be able to share our Roman Catholic Faith with a young parishioner. From being a prayer partner, to securing the church grounds while the children are here, and by being in a class with another catechist. With more catechists St. Mary would be able to offer formation sessions in English and in Spanish, but without your help very little may be able to be offered.

For more information, please contact Cary Ann Nunn at 928-753-3359 or email