Memorials in Memory of a Loved One

Parish News

Occasionally someone will ask: I would like to donate to something specific for the church in memory of my husband, wife, or someone else. Can you tell me what a contribution for a memorial would be used for and how much would it cost for each item needed for the church? Could I contribute towards the memorial in part if not in full?

Here is a list of suggested needs in our parish that could be requested by you to be a memorial in memory of a loved one.

  1. New Ciborium (Holy Communion gold vessels used at Mass) The ones we have are badly worn and need to be replaced. It is more expensive to have the ones we have re-gold plated.
  2. An automatic bell ringer attachment for our church tower bell to announce the beginning of each weekend Mass as well as announce the hours of the day for reciting the church prayer the "Angelus" which should be recited at 6:00am, 12:00pm, and 6:00pm. This is still a traditional practice among many Catholics.
  3. A matching chasible and dalmatic vestment for the priest and deacon, (the outer garment the priest and deacon wears during Mass.) We need sets in green, white, red and purple for the four traditional colors used at Mass.
  4. Liturgical seasonal banners for the walls on both sides of the tabernacle in church.
  5. A new sign for the front of the church to display the times of Mass, Confessions, etc.
  6. A new sign for the front door of the parish center to display office hours, etc.

If you are interested, call the parish office at 928-753-3359 ext. 211 to schedule
a meeting with Father Victor.