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Building Up Your Faith

06-28-2020Weekly ReflectionRev. Victor C. Yakubu

Christianity has to do with building up your faith inJesus. There are many things you can learn fromthe Catechism class, from your parents and fromyour peers. But it all depends on your personaldisposition to translate this information into yourspiritual life. It is said that “you can lead a horse towater but you cannot make him drink,” this appliesto our lives as human beings in the sense that wehave all the tools necessary for our spiritualgrowth, yet we take many things for granted.

I remember the story of man who was travelling inhis car. All the tire bolts on one of his tires fell off.The three other tires were intact. He stopped bythe side of the road and was lamenting that one ofhis tires had no nuts due to rough terrain. It was alonely road. He saw a man sitting by the road andengaged him in a conversation. He lamented hissituation and cursed his vehicle. The man sittingby the side of the road advised him to loosen a nuton each of the three good tires and tighten themon the one without nuts. It worked and hecontinued his journey until he reached the city.

In the gospel, Jairus, a synagogue official,approached Jesus because he knew that hisdaughter needed help. Even when people fromJairus’ house reported that she was dead, Jesusurged him not to be afraid. He said to him, “Do notbe afraid; just have faith.” Amid the confusion inthe house of Jairus, Jesus said to the dead child,“Little girl, I say to you, arise!” The girl, a child oftwelve years, rose and began to walk. Against theexpectations of those who were in the housemourning and weeping, Jesus did the mostexpectable thing; he made the dead girl springback to life.

Many times, we have lost faith in God and we feelalienated from him. At that moment of greatdisconnect, we need to remind ourselves that faithis the translation of all our learning in theCatechism class that we need to allow God towork in us. God works miracles in the hearts ofthose who believe. The second story in today’sgospel shows us how a woman who suffered fromhemorrhages for twelve years received hermiracle.

She convinced herself that touching the cloak ofJesus could stop the flow of blood. Indeed, shebecame totally healed. When Jesus noticed her,he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has savedyou. Go in peace and be cured of your affliction.”From that moment, this woman received God’sabundant life and a confirmation of her miracle.

For the Christian to experience God’s supernaturallove, we need to open ourselves to the manyopportunities offered to us through the Church. Forexample, the sacraments of the Church arecontact points for receiving immense healing fromGod. We need to learn from others about theirmiracles in their journey to eternal life. Rememberthe words of the Book of Wisdom, “For Godformed man to be imperishable; the image of hisown nature he made him. But by the envy of thedevil, death entered the world, and they whobelong to his company experience it.” This is thepoint of this message: God designed you in hisimage so that you can build your faith in him.Although distractions may visit your life, do notgive the enemy an opportunity to disconnect youfrom God’s love. The plan of the enemy is to teachyou that confusion is not a challenge but a step tofly away from God. But remember, when youunderstand the antics of the enemy, you canalways identify the colors of his folly.

St. Paul the apostle is an example of how we canbuild up our faith. He was harsh to the Christiansand uncharitable in the usage of his influence as aJewish teacher of the law, yet, when Jesustouched him, he melted under God’s anointing.Listen to his words, “As you excel in every respect,in faith, discourse, knowledge, all earnestness,and in the love we have for you, may you excel inthis gracious act also.” What is that gracious act?The answer is simple: learning about God andenriching your spiritual life. Our faith teaches usthat God does extraordinary things to ordinarypeople not based on merit but based on love,which only takes eyes of faith to identify. Have youreceived any miracles from Jesus that you wantothers to hear to build their faith? Tell your ownstory. Keep praying!