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A Holy Hour


A Holy Hour can be summed up in a simple story: A visitor to a Catholic parish noticed an old man just sitting in the back of the church with his eyes on the tabernacle. After some time, curiosity got the better of the visitor and he asked the old man,“What are you doing?” The man replied, “ I look at Him, and He looks at me.”

A perfectly good Holy Hour can be made simply by sitting in the presence of God. Place yourself in front of the tabernacle or monstrance, and just be. (cf. Psalm 46:10)


Day and night, Jesus dwells in the Blessed Sacrament, because you are the most important person in the world to Him. Beneath the Sacred Host, Christ is contained; The Redeemer of the World. You grow spiritually with each moment you spend with Jesus. Our essential commitment in life is to grow spiritually in the climate of the Holy Eucharist.


The Most Blessed Sacrament


As faith-filled Catholics, the best reverence and respect we can give Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament is the gold of our silence. Silence has adrawing quality. It literally draws our hearts to the silent Heart of our Eucharistic Jesus in the MostBlessed Sacrament. That’s the whole reason whyJesus is in the tabernacle– not to be ignored, but tobe adored!